"Compelling, sinewy stuff ... anyone who cherishes musical adventure with a firm grounding will be enthralled."
BBC Online

BBC Radio 3 - Late Junction
"Their music really does have the spine tingling factor for me which I think comes from the utter trust they all clearly have in the tunes they choose, and the sheer unflustered brilliance with which they execute them. It all feels so solid, so ROOTED - Their arrangements make the tunes sing, dance and breathe. Their music is deeply honest and yet wonderfully beguiling. I love it!"
Verity Sharp

Robert HarbronJohn DipperChris Wood

The EAC are now recognised as one of the most innovative ensembles working in the field of folk music and are at the vanguard of England's new acoustic movement.

They have recently completed the arts council funded JUNCTIONS project, collaborating with Peter Weigold, the Tacet Ensemble and The Copper Family. They also took part in the Scottish Arts Council funded DISTIL project studying composition with Judith Weir, Paul Dunmall and the Sibelius Accademy's Timo Alakotilla. When the Distil model transferred to England earlier this year they were again invited to take part

Over the last three years they have received individual awards from the PRS Foundation as well as a collective award to compose new music for contemporary Morris dance for the Sidmouth International Festival of Folk Arts. Their ability to mix freely with world class Jazz and Contemporary composers whilst at all times maintaining a rare and genuine understanding of the beauty of England's tradition enables them to add to it in a compelling and contemporary way.

"One sunny afternoon in August about 25 people stood squashed in a church porch. Others stood outside in the churchyard, their faces pressed up against the stained glass. Inside something beautiful was happening. The launch concert at Towersey Village Festival for 'Ghosts', the first CD by the EAC, was a remarkable moment of tranquillity in the middle of a colourful, vibrant weekend. For an hour or so it felt like the entire audience in the packed church was holding its breath."
Sara Barnard